Have you ever been so hungry, somewhat lazy to cook and you decide to wait on a friend to bring some lunch over? Possibly yes. 

But have you had to wait for an inexcusable number of hours that you feel so
angry and you just go straight up to the kitchen and cook yourself a way too wonderful meal than your friend could ever bring? uhm? 
Okay, that is a definite YES for me which brings about the birth of Fiction Inventors!

Okay, let me break it down.

I love to write, to dream and pull together solutions from unimaginable (depending on the perspective but it is actually imaginable, that is why we can imagine in the first place) ideas. 

I tried to sign up with freelance writing sites, I actually went far with a number of them but when it comes to payment system, I get bounced, perhaps because I am a Nigerian. I sometimes even want to write for free. 

What is it that these people fear about us anyway?

 So I said to myself 
"Girl, you are going to put up your own blog, do all the stuff you wished to do for these sites (they are probably going to wish they kept me in) and even make money" - this time not alone but with writers from all over the world and I will not restrict any race, country or personality except Scammers of course, and they sure don't have these attributes.

So, that is it. I do not claim to know all, as a matter of fact, I am learning on the job, so feel free to contact me and let's grow together.

Fiction Inventors is born out of the passion of a burdened writer who sees a future where there is a connection of like minded and gifted writers together in one place to relax, play, share, learn and make money online writing. (well, working on the last part for now).

What is the point of an ability doing no good to mankind? Visit the Fiction Store now!

Are you sad? Confused? Agitated? Need advice? Perhaps some logic? Or are you experiencing the sometimes unavoidable writer's block? Or gracious me, you want to train your imaginative skills to be better? 

... Fiction Inventors is one place to solve an uncountable number of problems at once. You will be surprised.

Not to bore you but want to read about me and how you can join me? Check out 'The Team'.

You can email me at here or drop a comment on the Home page

Please note strongly that all stories and works of arts shared on this blog becomes a publicly shared material with freedom to use by Fiction Inventors without further permission from the writer. This condition will be exempted for writers on Fiction Money when it is launched. Written 01/01/2013.

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