My name is Bisayo Oremuyiwa but almost everyone calls me Bissy, - Guess it is more accent friendly (Pronounced 'BC'). 
So, it is cool - you can call me that too and like in the lovely Indian movie I watched where the guy keeps telling everyone 'I am Khan and I am not a terrorist', I will like to also say 'I am a Nigerian and I am not a scam'. If you have ever met a honest black woman, then add me to your list.
I start with this because we know too well the plague that has befallen the internet community and it is rather sad but hopefully, we will get rid of all the bad eggs eventually and live in peace even online.

So, talking about the team.. yeah, a little confession, there is no team - at least not as at the time of this writing.
But not to worry - this is a blog where all things are possible because in the world of fiction - you can have it all. 

So yes, I have a fictitious team made up of myself and other variations of myself.. like the talkative me, the profit oriented me, the teaser, the research genius, the public relation personnel and so on. See? We are quite a team!
Okay, more seriously, I hope to invite a number of my most committed members as we go on, to  help manage some of the concepts I will be letting out of the bag bit by bit.
So, you can come back here from time to time as, I will add a brief profile information of new 'non-fictitious' team members that will helps achieve the goals of this blog. How about that?
Trust me, I reward good support and you must know that I will not rest until I ensure that all who believe in me enough to be a part of this blog must surely enjoy personal benefits.
You can see other blogs I authored and read more about me as I seem to give only the versions that is related to each blog I run.  

Thank you for taking time to read about me. You can let me know about you too by becoming a member of this blog. 
It is one big virtual family!

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