My Memoirs and Writings

I want to dedicate this page to me. Is that selfish?

Okay, not entirely to me because whatever I do here really is for you and the world to benefit from.

I write
I am even confused right now in what manner to begin to unfold what I can do.

Should I just write articles, make ebooks, podcasts, audios or videos (that is way extreme) of some of the thoughts I have in mind? Maybe a combination of them all will do just fine.

While i am working on that, I wanted you to know that this page exists and YOU will get to share the true life experiences of a black, remarkable (wink) woman and who knows what goes from there?

There would also be fiction works and stories all originally from me. 

Some will be free, others will be gotten at a price (I have to feed now, don't I?)... lol.

Okay but the principle is pretty basic. My gifts are there for me to help others and take care of my self and I am working up that ladder. 

You should observe 'My Relationships' post too as you can find links to articles i give to other sites there.

 So, stay tuned. Subscribe to my blog if you haven't to get updated.

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