"Everything in the world started from the place of fiction, an unreal imagination except that they became real. For instance, this computer, mobile device or whatever new tech you are using to read this right now was once an imagination - a state of fiction in someone's mind years ago but you tell me, isn't it worth the effort of dreaming up?" Bissy Oremuyiwa, Jan 2013.
Fiction Inventors as a blog is a platform to utilize the potentials of fiction writing for all things imaginable.

The purpose of Fiction Inventors is to bring talented freelance writers / story writers / script writers / screenplay writers / fiction and non-fiction writers together from all over the world to interact, play, share and learn.

Unlike some freelance writers platform, we intend to play together while achieving serious goals. You can also get free stories and writing, stage acting or even movie ideas by going through our different categories in Fiction Store.

To read more about the essence of this blog and how you can really benefit from it, go to the post 'WHY THIS BLOG' and for the whole juicy details of whatever the heck we do here - go to 'Fiction Business'.

Look through the Fiction Store to see other activities such as a christian quest forum, the N0 1 Fiction Inventor Game, Freebies for writers, flash fictions etc.

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