DO NOT STOP THE ALARM!!! Let it ring!

Okay, I don't mean to scream literally. I am perhaps overwhelmed with my concern to get you to... Not stop the alarm?

So, basically, what is the alarm?

 In my context, it is the clock that sounds the bells of reality, and what better time can it come noising down your ears but at the beginning of a new year. 

Wait: You haven't achieved your 2014 goals; you couldn't clear that debt; oh, the admission? Couldn't get in; one more failed relationship; just discovered you married the wrong person; haven't recovered from the death of a loved one or loss of something precious... The list goes on but no matter what is the downside, there is always that clock that rings in the morning of a new year telling you 'things can be better this year'. 

Don't you hear it? I assure you that you do, problem is that you either put off the alarm before it even finished the first sound or you allowed it a while and then killed it.

As 2015 is now here and today is the first of its days, I want to encourage you to let that alarm ring on. 

Let it spur you into action, giving you a positive vibe that this year truly can be and will be better. 

Just like the purpose of a regular alarm is to get you up and running, indulge this divine alarm of nature to spring you into action. 

As you enjoy the holidays, brace yourself up and tell yourself "Yea, I am going to do better this year, it doesn't count what went down in 2014 because it is now in the past. I am in 2015 and I will make it!".

Do not stop the alarm, let it ring!

Happy New Year!.