Find Yourself Writing This.

What do you think about this picture? You are probably making up a story already about it irrespective of what was in the mind of the original photographer or even the person that arranged this lovely pets together (because I can't wrap my mind around the idea that these cuties arranged themselves up for this photograph just like that or what do you think?)... So, irrespective of the ideas of the original producers of this shot, you have your opinion and believe me, your opinion counts and that is the current, most valid story this picture can ever give.

So, I just came up with this nau... (thinks) no, not naughty... rather brilliant idea...
Why don't we build a story together? Who says you can not have tons of writers of a piece of writing, well I want to see how visible that can be, so I posted something on facebook just a few minutes ago, something that can help us build a story well crafted together and I absolutely can not lay claims to it.

Visit our facebook page by clicking here and be a part of the decisions, plots and let's have some creative fun together. When we are done, we would post it here and allow every accepted contributor to also share proudly in any format.

Meet you there!

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