Most resolutions made at the beginning of a new year do not get achieved basically because no one is going to beat us up if we don’t achieve them anyway, (at least, that is what I think or who is going to hit  you if you end up not building that house before the year runs out?)
However, for those of us who are desperate to break the chain and really work closely with our set goals, I want to remind you that you can only make those dreams come through if you passionately go after them.
The line between resolutions and achievements is drawn by YOU and you alone gets to figure out how thick or thin it should be. It is that simple.
I had goals for this blog too and I didn’t achieve much of them last year which is wholly my fault (spank me) but I am making a resolution to be better this year and using this post as my reference point as I can not afford not to try now that I am talking 'Achievements'.
So, here is what I hope to achieve this year.
- To make this site a platform for fiction inventions that are original, creative and tasking enough to build new writers, refresh old writers and challenge the highly professional ones under the same global roof and I am making the line between this resolution and its achievement very thin, so I get to erase it out faster.
Of course, I never think that I can achieve this alone, so you are part of my New Year Resolution! 
Yeah right, you are that important! 
Watch out in a few days for the beginning of an exciting adventure!
Meanwhile while waiting, would you like to share something concerning your beliefs, wishes and hopes in 2014 for other readers to perhaps key into?
 Go ahead, share, few words won't hurt... someone is definitely going to read it and who knows, it could help someone at this crucial time, so get the keypads punched in.
See you in a few days!


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