Ready to be a true Inventor?

Like I promised, I am starting all over and will ensure that I keep it up this time.

You know the essence of Fiction Inventors is to actually invent stuff, to creatively challenge ourselves to better productivity with our imaginations and guess what? We resume back today!

We would be starting with a contest, it is free but you get an invented gift if you partake and win + a free e-book from me (chuckle) for everyone who participated win or not (its a piece of my memoir you had think is the movies but believe me, it is not- lots of lessons in it).
What is more intriguing is that readers are going to be doing a poll to pick the winner not even me.

So, if you think you are up for some fun and serious challenge - hop right in and let the world choose you!


This contest is a short comedy piece.

Go here to read and participate:
Make us laugh.

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