The Door is the Future, the Padlock is the Past, the Key is Christmas!

I sometimes wonder why Christmas is at the end of the year. No matter your religious beliefs, the season does has a special euphoria around it that bubbles up excitement from within us.

You might indulge yourself for the whole season or choose just a day or few more to pamper yourself, the point is that you will enjoy the benefits of the season with family, friends, colleagues and sometimes new faces.

Ironically though, when it feels like you well deserve some pat on the back for scaling through the year alive, another one strolls in - all serious and ready to hit you on the face if you are not prepared for it.

So, what is the wise thing to do? How do we keep the optimism going and gradually enjoy the best of every end of the year and the beginning of another? Heck! Who knows?

I want to take this time to personally encourage you especially if 2013 hasn't been quite what you wanted. - Respond with a positive attitude.
I learnt a big lesson from an incident with a friend recently;
We were at this restaurant and had a very bad service from the waitress that attended to us, my friend tried to excuse her behavior despite his own disgust until the lady could not get us the balance of our paid bill and practically ignored us, attending to other customers. After waiting a while, he walked up to her with much fuming while I stepped out of the place because I was too angry to be of any help at that moment.
Barely moments later, he came out with the balance and a truly perplexed look on his face, so I asked, "how did you get the change so fast?", he replied, "Someone else gave the change, I have never had this experience in my life". What happened there? He raised his voice at the lady and intentionally insulted her so as to get a response that he can capitalize on but instead, the lady looked at him in the face of unimaginable insults and just smiled so sweetly like it wasn't happening and she continued her business, this obviously made my friend look like a trouble maker and someone from a nearby table asked what the matter was and volunteered to help with the balance. Till date, my friend still can't understand how the girl managed that moment despite what he said.

The lesson in this story is that it didn't matter that the waitress had truly given a bad service to us, it didn't matter all the rage in my friend or mine outside - but because of the unlikely response she gave to an anticipated situation, everything else fell in favor for her and she wasn't the bad one after all.

Learn to shock the bad deals that life serves you by being amazingly optimistic. Maybe you deserved those dealings or not but the table turns around when you take that anger, resentment, pity, despair and all the negative bandwagon out of the equation and that is why the key is in this Christmas season.

See, the love, sharing, communions and all sorts of socializations encourages a lot of positive reinforcement.

Use it right because the Door is the future, the Padlock is the Past, the Key is Christmas!
Here is a video coming from everyone (lol... yeah, you will be shocked) in my country - Nigeria to start you off with calmness in your heart & a smile on your face!

Enjoy the transition to 2014!