HELP! Facebook is threatening my Marriage.

Someone read my blog and sent this problem to me for your possible reviews and comments. I do hope that you will take the time to read and suggest a solution:

Hi, please my problem is simply to identify but difficult to live with. I decided to look out for as many reasonable platforms I can find, to share this issue on and to hopefully read back people opinion on it because I have to take a decision within days concerning it even if I didn't want to.

I am newly married to a man I have been absolutely confident about until I realized that he doesn't just visit Facebook to chat with friends or so as I thought while we courted, he actually is addicted to it.

He does nothing else in the house than to use the computer to chat on Facebook and when I began to notice his negligence, I will complain and would try to see exactly what he was doing which he never let me see. At some point, he switched over to his mobile phone and that became worse, he could be anywhere (garage, loo, rooms) and kept fiddling with the phone, his business now centers around eating, exchanging a few words, sleeping and off to work, he even type away while eating or watching TV and I am only a few months married.
I decided to monitor him unsuspectingly till I had to opportunity
to pick up his phone days back (I knew he likes to default things than to keep typing passwords etc.) and it worked for me, I accessed his Facebook without need for password and what I saw shook the strength out of me.
For one, most of his friends are girls and most he called 'sweetheart, love, darling' plus different shades of 'love you, miss you, can't wait to have you back online' etc. I read one where he offered to visit her in a neighboring state (but the lady refused the offer because of her parents). I even read a few months back conversation where he explained to another that complained about his offline status was for too long, he said that he went on a busy business trip when what he did actually was our wedding ceremony.

He met me there while browsing through his phone and he calmly asked me what I was doing to which I flared up, demanding explanations for this bizarre act.
He simply told me that I am worrying for nothing that they are simply Facebook friends that he can never date or have anything serious with, that he is just trying to make the girls feel good and know that they can be loved and so on. He told me to check his profile status and see that he changed it from single to married when we actually got married and I should simply let this go.

He removed his default status on his phone, so now, you have to type the password every time you want to sign it, I demanded for it and he refused to give me.
To this effect, I feel strongly that this is a major problem blowing up on my face, it is embarrassing to say to people around me and Facebook is not a person I can know how to manage, how do I make him stop as he just doesn't see my point and is becoming very distant from me or am I just worrying unnecessarily?

Please, someone say something to advice me as I am already having a bad time at the beginning of my marriage and I am so afraid. Thanking you ahead.

Klara (not real name).

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