New DISCOVERY: The Sweetness of Failure.

Have you ever thought about why it feels so right to throw anything at a wall when you are angry? 
In fact, the overbearing feeling that you had like to do any and everything plus get away with it is so strong that common sense suggests 98% of angry persons will do something they most definitely will regret when the anger wears off and the remaining 2% have probably spent greater part of their lives studying and struggling to keep their emotions under check.

 The truth is that it is a lot more honorable and profitable if we all can re-channel our emotions positively. Every negative feeling brings with it a lot of heartaches and dilemmas that we would rather not add to our daily lives yet what can we do about it? The new discovery is that there is really no sweetness in failure.

Surely, I am not an authority in the matters of managing negative emotions but I am certainly in the camp of those wanting to be able to deal with these embarrassingly tendencies that swallows up your personality eventually and leaves you high, dry and empty.

Take defeat or failure for instance, do you know that the sense of failure is as potent as the failure itself? It cripples you and makes you lower than where you are if left untreated and the main problem with failure is not the crippling, what is more humiliating is the sentiment that discourages you from trying again.

I am in one myself and as I write this, you must know that I was battling with a huge slap of failure that could do nothing to me but further destroy me, so who is going to help me out of it?

Well, everyone seems to have something to deal with, however, I figure there has to be a way to deal with a problem that is so common yet so difficult to manage and for some, even more frustrating to share.

Do you know what it is? What my failure is? The one that almost choked me out? I am sure you wouldn’t mind knowing if you had read this far. The failure which hit me hard on my face, giving me goose pimples, loosing my zeal and for so many days making me fear to even start again, almost ended my dream but today I have chosen to rise above it. I refuse to be pushed to the back and get lost in the crowd - that is why you have this to read today.

For some negative feeling of slothfulness, I stopped building the community on this blog, I had great dreams for it but somehow, I got discouraged because I was not growing as fast as I hoped. For months, that singular feeling lead me into abandoning my pet blog (Fiction Inventors) till I realized that I don’t know how to get back and not seem a loser already to you.

The failure to have grown this blog to that remarkable inventors’ site almost killed the rest of my self-confidence to even try again but here I am calling out to you, not just to be a part of this blog but importantly to be a support, a help to someone who might not have enough zeal like me to try again.

To help ourselves, why don’t we use this medium to deal with this together because we both know that there is no sweetness in failure.

Share your ideas on managing any of these negative emotions: anger, failure, depression, fear, sadness, envy, resentful, rejection, abuse, slothfulness etc. You can notify us of more negative emotions that comes to your mind and we will all look into them, also contribute how to solve any of these emotions and you can share your experiences.

Remember, that as you write, others will read worldwide and get something tangible to assist their situations from it and that way we both would have invented something incredible from the bad situation of my blog - almost going dead. How about that?

Did I just imagine you say ‘welcome back’?... ‘oh, Thank you!’ roll in your views now and let’s invent some solutions!


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