Fiction Contest 1

  Alright, here is where the fun stuff begins and only you can make it really fun by being a part of the blog.

If you are somewhat lost as to what this is all about, click here to visit our Home page and understand better what we are doing, if not, okay, you can go on!


Like promised, we would be competing with this list of genre fictions we rather call fiction contests on this blog and more will be added as we develop capacity to handle them. At the end of each poll, two most selected quests will be used for the competitions that follows. From the first poll, we got two top genres selected and they are: (1) Thriller and (2) Comedy.

Read the complete info about how we did this here.

 This first one is for the fun of it, though no cash prices attached, there are free and impressively packaged ONLINE IMAGE BUILDING (OIB) as rewards. Online, there is nothing more rewarding than an opportunity for a widened reach even if you already have a followership. Feel free to flex your muscles without pressure.

Go here for Thriller Contest or here for Comedy Contest or simply click them from the Fiction Store!

Rewards for these contests: 

1. - Display on FI Winners Fame Page

2. - Your preferred Publicity on 3 social networks!


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Simply wait to be among the voters for the contest winners. Any which way, we appreciate your efforts.
Thank You!

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