Fiction Contest 1

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Like promised, we would be competing with this list of genre fictions we rather call fiction contests on this blog and more will be added as we develop capacity to handle them. At the end of each poll, two most selected quests will be used for the competitions that follows. From the first poll, we got two top genres selected and they are: (1) Thriller and (2) Comedy.

Read the complete info about how we did this here.

 This first one is for the fun of it, though no cash prices attached, there are free and impressively packaged ONLINE IMAGE BUILDING (OIB) as rewards. Online, there is nothing more rewarding than an opportunity for a widened reach even if you already have a followership. Feel free to flex your muscles without pressure.

Go here for Thriller Contest or here for Comedy Contest or simply click them from the Fiction Store!

Rewards for these contests: 

1. - Display on FI Winners Fame Page

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Fact or Fiction - Movies

Launching an ever refreshing aspect of the creative world of fiction and that is talking movies!
Now, this would be interesting because we are not just going to be blabbing away about movies, we are going to share thoughts on recommended movies worldwide and help readers make informed choices on what to spend their precious time watching and - that, we would be doing together, won't we?

To kick off is introducing the latest ready to roll movie about to be launched in Nigeria and I am particularly excited about it because I know the key personality behind it (no kidding, who doesn't like to know main guys!).
And the Movie is RED HOT!

Red Hot is the story of Kofo (Bukky Wright), a beautiful Nigerian lady married to an extremely affluent husband Kola (Akin Lewis). She seems to have all good things of life at her disposal but the absence of a child in the over ten-year marriage seems to have left an emptiness in her, leaving her frustrated. To worsen her situation, medical research puts the blame on her husband, who has suffered some fertility challenge, absolving her of any complicity. This discovery soon gets her thinking. Out of frustration and desperation, she hatches a plan in consonance with her friend, Princess (Glory Olyfranks), which brings Freddie (Uti Nwachukwu) into the picture. A fantasy world is unleashed, and a heavenly pleasure never seen before, takes centre stage. Just at the peak of this new found solution, some crisis erupts, leading from one disaster to another. She is caught in a web, and there seems to be no escape route. IT IS MIND-BLOWING!

Red Carpet & Premiere comes up
Date: April 20th 2013
Venue: Cultural Center Main Bowl
Time: 1st Show 3pm, 2nd Show 6pm
Ticket: N2,000 Regular, N5,000 VIP
For further enquiry, call 07030418066, 08066791440 

=> You can watch the trailer @  
=> Check out the Red Hot Movie Page and see more previews and comments. 
Enjoy at the RED HOT MOVIE page.