Am I Dead Or Alive?

This is a true question I have found myself asking 'me' and the first impulse is to say 'alive' but who would I be kidding if I say 'alive' when the breathes are gasping out of me.
So I sat back, looked at my blog real hard, observing the number of my viewers against my actual members - against those practically active on the site and then I put into consideration the result of my last mini poll and it dawned on me that my dream had been asking me a question 'Am I Dead or Alive? I just haven't been listening. 

If I hang on, my dreams will die. By this I mean that If I keep waiting till you all turn this blog into some hot sizzling market, I will either have died out of the passion in the first place or simply lost it.
So, here is what I am going to do.

I know that I have readers on this blog (considering my on and off-site monitoring tools), I do not know why they are (you inclusive) doing nothing about whatever is read even though there is a chance that they have repeatedly being coming back. I choose not to think that it is because of gender, race or that I am new and unknown. I rather choose to think that I just haven't figured it out.
And while I am at that, I want to indulge that you let me kick off some of the things I originally wanted to share with you and had been excited about it inspiring someone out there to be better when it comes to creative thinking and writing. I am hoping to learn from it too.

           Therefore, I am officially launching back 
                   the Fiction Contest!

We wouldn't do a new poll to honor those who took the time to vote then, we would use the two top genres chosen i.e Thriller and Comedy for the contest.

Please click here to go straight to the Current Fiction Contest and see if you could make this dying dream breathe again by actually participating. 

I am hanging on that hope or I die.
Dream Fiction Inventors.. passionately after your interest.