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Is Valentine REALLY adding value to lives?

 First and foremost, Happy Valentine!
The title shouldn't put us on the defensive as the season really is filled with love with its tickling emotions but is the concept of Valentine really helping us to be better than we were before it?

Will you be a better person by Feb 15 than you were on Feb 13 because Valentine showed up in between?

For some, truly it will because it is their anniversary, birthday, some pleasant day of memorable events and more popularly because there is a loved one to cuddle and be cuddled by for the sheer fact that the season is on.

On the other side of the coin, there are those reminded of sad events every year, just because of it. some are without relationships or very few loved ones to share with and it simply is a day that they want to pass quickly.
Others will do bad stuff all in the name of Valentine and very few will stay unexcited, so I ask once again, is the emotion attached to valentine a fact or a fiction - worthy of attention?

Share what you think this season and it might help straighten someone up for subsequent valentines.

For this Special Edition, you don't have to be a member to share your comments today and tomorrow. It is open to all!

Let's make love count! 
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  1. Nice one here.
    Valentine is good. Its a way to pause throughout a year of backbiting, hustling, fights and what not to actually remember, there is the thing called love.

  2. Thanks for that comment Brenda, you are a +1 in support of Valentine. Okay!

  3. In reality the choice to love is not by force but by choice from within, the one thing that is certain is that at a point in ones life true love will come and then it will not be a matter of decision but that of direction

    1. Thanks Kehinde for taking part today!
      You sound much like a romantic poet but who am i to judge..lol
      You said '..at a point in ones life, true love will come..'. Does true love come to us (like we just wait forever for it to come) or we go out there and find it?
      hope you will say something to that.

  4. why not try love someone who really hates you to make a change for the definition of val

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Katty, I can feel your vibes already.

    2. Valantine to me is a show of Love to God, and Man

    3. Thanks Mr Adams, you are my first from my kindred..lol

  6. Hi, saw this on twitter.
    I actually planned on getting myself a girlfriend after some months without one and I set my mind to do it on Valentine and I did! I feel proud of myself..lol. And she is worth the chase.

    1. Gross! how could you even call that love? You just go and grab someone in one day and you feel that is it?

    2. It is all good. As many as we are, here on earth are the facets of how we deal with issue. I guess it is one reason why we hardly get bored listening to everyone's story because it always offer its own angle.
      So, TJ - i get it. I also believe that love at first sight is possibly, though it is sad to say that i probably never had one perhaps because my brain is too strong to let the heart speak..lol
      If you happen to come back here, how about you see if you can debunk what the anonymous (though i wonder why opt for anonymous) writer is suggesting (without anger please). Aside that, i would love to know (as well as the silent readers i am sure) if you really think you are in-love with this person and how do you know it.
      If there is a principle behind that, i had seriously like to know (wink).
      Thanks for the time!

  7. The other writer is just a sadist afraid of being bullied, hence, the anonymous mode. I know i am more or less anonymous too but at least i gave a name.
    I always have issues with making up my mind on a girl and when i do, i get too careful not to be hurt that i basically get hurt. So, i just decided to throw off all my caution and chat up the first girl that truly catchmy fancy even though i know that it is not a sure thing that she would like me back except that this one does. I went to see her in school today and she seem comfortable with me actually entering her class and introducing me to some of her class mates. That is a good start for me and maybe this time, i won't get hurt.
    Was just happy about it and wanted to share here just as i did in some other networks..anonymously, since i am not sure if she will eventually get to see this or not. Don't want to mess up a good thing.
    Thanks Bissy.
    I trust you will pick up with time and i will be joining you soon but not in this name ..yes. so, you don't know it was me! haha!


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