Fact or Fiction - Life Issues: Ugandan Boy Raised By Monkeys (with photos)!

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 Okay, so I know I am diverting traffic to this site but it is good to share things that interest us with others sometimes for nothing in return.
I stumbled on this article which reminds me of the gospel that I am trying to preach on this blog: Facts exists from an initial fictitious status, hence, inventing fiction is calling what is not, to be - it might not just be in our life times.
We all have read or seen the movie of the Jungle book (if you haven't... (pausing and thinking about it)... well, ask someone!).

 At the end of that story, we would have thought, 'What a charming story and well acted out' but what I am sharing today is something that happened in Uganda, just 2 decades ago and the true life version of the fiction book is this jungle boy who is now a man but still with the monkey instincts. 

Check it out. 

You can do 'me' a simply favor for exposing you to this amazing story - and that favor is leaving a comment here after viewing the story at least to spur others to also go for the details and to encourage me fish outs more facts and fictions that rocks our today's world without you having to scout for it. 
Thank you for the efforts!
Photos - Ugandan Boy Raised By Monkeys Tries To Adapt - Mercy Johnson Celebrity Magazine - Mercy Johnson Celebrity Magazine

Fact of Fiction - Your Health : Multivitamin Supplements...

Multivitamin supplements perk up your health

Vitamins play a vital role in the body as they perform different actions to maintain vibrant health. It is quite difficult to supply the body with the required amount of nutrients by just eating the routine food. If you add multivitamin supplements into your diet regimen it becomes easier for you to suffice the body with adequate amount of vitamins for proper functioning of the body.
These supplements are not good only to provide the vitamins, but also you can get good amount of minerals. When you add good quality multivitamin supplements you can get several health benefits such as.

Combat Nutritional Deficiency

Nutritional deficiency is the common problem we are facing these days. Reasons are diverse as poor quality of food, bad eating habits, popularity of junk food etc. Multivitamins supplements combat nutritional deficiency and reduce the risk of being attacked by diseases.

Combat Stress

Stress is the major factor to affect your health, so it’s necessary to combat it for maintains better health. Using these supplements help you combat stress that is useful to be in good health.

Improved Physical Health

The use of these supplements is good to improve physical health. These supplements improve the overall well-being of a person. Energy levels remain higher and a person feels energetic with the help of these supplements.

Improved Mental Focus

You can perform in a well manner when your body and mind both are in good condition. Getting the supplements of multivitamins helps you improving your mental focus. Improved mental focus plays a vital role in living an efficient life.
These are not the only benefits you can get from these supplements. If you choose the right kind of supplement and use it properly several other benefits can be obtained. These days most of the people prefer making delicious drinks with multivitamin supplements in their favourite flavour.

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Aini Clive was born a problem solver and as such loves nothing more than finding the best way to do almost anything , but best of all she understands what health and fitness really means. She is passionate about working in the world of health and fitness, either  advising on health and fitness issues or work to offer the clients' the best products to maintain health and fitness. She is content and social media enthusiast who is currently a key content developer for Ultralifestyle.co.uk.

Fact or Fiction - Your Feelings

Is Valentine REALLY adding value to lives?

 First and foremost, Happy Valentine!
The title shouldn't put us on the defensive as the season really is filled with love with its tickling emotions but is the concept of Valentine really helping us to be better than we were before it?

Will you be a better person by Feb 15 than you were on Feb 13 because Valentine showed up in between?

For some, truly it will because it is their anniversary, birthday, some pleasant day of memorable events and more popularly because there is a loved one to cuddle and be cuddled by for the sheer fact that the season is on.

On the other side of the coin, there are those reminded of sad events every year, just because of it. some are without relationships or very few loved ones to share with and it simply is a day that they want to pass quickly.
Others will do bad stuff all in the name of Valentine and very few will stay unexcited, so I ask once again, is the emotion attached to valentine a fact or a fiction - worthy of attention?

Share what you think this season and it might help straighten someone up for subsequent valentines.

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Let's make love count! 
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