Non Fiction Syrup

Here we share true life experiences that happened to us or someone we know. 

It is a two edged sword as it can psychologically relief the sharing member while it can do a whole bunch of other good stuff to the readers - inspire them, encourage, challenge, and inform.
There is no limit in this store and you can post more than once provided the experiences shared are not duplicated. 

What is more? I also get to share mine too! (chuckle).

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  1. Okay, i guess it is not bad to be a first. I actually had an experience tonight and maybe because I am working on this right now, nonetheless, it will further proof what i have been saying that reality builds on imaginations. Did this happen to you or is this just me? I observed that last night (new year eve) and this evening, drivers seem to be extra careful. I laughed when a particular jeep stopped way over a minute before i got to a T junction and allowed me pass before moving on. I did enjoy speed driving these two nights because almost every other car is busying being careful to avoid an accident (i assume) at this crucial time of the year. Now, that is the imagination controlling the reality of their actions. I am not saying it is bad to be careful, i am only saying people are a lot more careful this sensitive periods because there is an uncleared fiction that bad things could happen if care is not taken. Well, bad things could happen anytime yet, I saw a lot of people controlled by that single imaginative scene that it could be now. See fiction rules!


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