My Relationships

I dedicate this post to acknowledging every website or blog that publishes my posts or announce anything that I am offering on my site.
I believe that no one tree can make a forest and that in fact is not a fiction.

So, enjoy looking through and clicking to visit this wonderful people magnanimous enough to interact and support my talents.

I also appreciate everyone one who guest post (check Fiction Sense and all Fact or Fiction series), join my membership or participate in any manner towards the usefulness of Fiction Inventors but that is of-course obvious because your posts, names and comments are everywhere on this blog!

So, let's use this page to recognize the works done outside of here. Fair right? I hope so.

1. James who I met through Postjoint published my New Year article on his site. Click here to see it and other amazing articles he has.

2. Erica on her captivating Weekly Wacky Wednesday site displayed my THRILLER AND COMEDY contest announcement and I do hope that it brings people down to actually contest but I value here effort. Click here to view and see more contests she publishes every week.

3. Jr Reeds, an amazing man of years of experience and value on the web is the first to post my newest article on dressing. Curious? Click here to read about it and hopefully, if you are truly fashionable, you will find some high quality clothing on display that will catch your fancy!

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