Fiction Sense - How The New Year Can Benefit You Amazingly.


I wrote this piece a few weeks ago as an SEO assessment on a writing site which by the way I passed (thank you very much) and it is about the new year, so I figure since the new year is actually here and i am not violating any law by using my fiction, I have decided to share it. Perhaps, it will motivate you to do better this year. Happy New Year once again!

For some, the concept of the new year is refreshing perhaps because the just concluded year has been good or because lessons have been learnt from some mistakes made and so the new year is seen as a chance to do better and improve. To others, there is just no cause for celebrating new year myths. In their respected opinion, life has been unfair and another new year is just another opportunity to be slapped around by misfortunes over again.

But here is the thing, no matter who we are or how life has served us; the new year can truly - no fairy tales- be of amazing benefits to us.

According to Wikipedia ''New Year is the time at which a new calendar year begins.''

What this simply suggest is that - life - in general pretty much follows the same laws as our aging process and irrespective of our grievances, it keeps going on like a deaf phenomenon unaware of our raging requests but duly carrying out its basic duties.

So life is not the problem, - we can hardly do anything about how it operates anyway - that leaves only us.

We tend to think that the big events in our lives are the most important: graduation, getting married or the birth of a child.

But actually major life events are often not directly as important to our well-being as the little hassles and uplifts of everyday life ( Kanner et al., 1981 ). 

What affects people's happiness mostly are things like quality of sleep, little ups and downs at work and relationships with friends and family. In other words: it's the little things that make us happy.

Just as no (sane) man leaves his house to go to work when he knows his kitchen is on fire, without first controlling the situation; same way, in celebrating new year opportunities, you should pay more attention to your everyday life and not necessarily the whole year ahead. Once you have covered the basis, you can begin to look at the bigger issues. 

Come to think of it, it is documented that only relatively recently 1 January became the first day of the year in Western culture. Until 1751 in England and Wales (and all British dominions) the new year started on 25 March – Lady Day , one of the four quarter days (the change to 1 January took place in 1600 in Scotland). Since then, 1 January has been the first day of the year. (Source:

So you see, there is really no big deal about this particular day chosen to start a new year. It is just one day in 365 days, however, to you, it should also be a symbolic landmark to build on your successes or to start all over again. 

One guaranteed way to ensure the new year benefits you amazingly is to just choose to make sure it does. Kick off with a zeal that comes from within and you can start now by consciously creating your fun activities for celebrating new year festivities in style! Who says you can't?

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