Fiction Sense - Dress the way you want to be addressed.


As women, we are delicate specie of the human race. Delicate, needed, powerful, fragile, scary, sweet. The list goes on and I guess that is what makes us really charming. You know, in the secret corner of my heart (which is now officially becoming public), I wonder how the world, lead and coordinated by men seem not to see that women are even much more to them than they care to admit. Today, we have women rights laws and organizations focusing on women empowerment, when something bad happens, attention shifts to saving women and children (a bonus for us, now our kids gets to be considered) and so many hassles about women safety, women education and much more. Without men knowing it, they spend more parts of their lives making us comfortable and that, in the secret of my heart is something I hope never occurs to the world (men actually), so that they continue to dote on us!
 But here's where the issue of how we present ourselves consistently also help in the way the world continues to see us.
Remember that we are a special specie with perhaps conflicting abilities which also validates the possibility of the world (men and women alike) treating us either as rubies or rubbish. In my yet to be launched published e-book actually titled 'Rubies or Rubbish', I emphasized with what alarming ease it is to swap between the two without even knowing it! It is in light of this, I am sharing one very simply yet massively significant factor that determines basically how we are treated. 

Don't you want to be respected and valued for who you are? You sure do - then you have to look into your dressing – not for the people but for the occasion. Why? Because what defines the quality of people per time is the occasion that calls them in, for example in this scenario, you dress differently - your boss invites you to a business dinner and when your boss visits you at home.
Well, in my part of the world, the coined phrase 'Dress the way you want to be addressed' is rather a common saying as we are by culture a conservative people with clothing everywhere for the women of course, in fact, we have a group of people (Muslims) who cover up every thing! If I say everything, picture it right - from the hair, face, hands, body and feet, you can't even determine the color of their skin!
However today, we imbibe a lot of western culture and this set of people, at least some of them are modifying their dressing and exposing, perhaps, non-seductive parts of them while the more liberal ones are going bum shorts, almost pants and bras only.
Sometimes, I feel that the cry against over or under dressing is just some exhibition of jealousy from other women and fear of loosing grip by men but in sincere personal review, there are truly some dressing that are uncalled for even in the more western countries.
Irrespective of whom we are and where, what usually determines our dress sense is the occasion for which it is worn, right down to sleeping wears; attention to details makes the difference. The way you dress per time determines largely how you are treated per each time and that is how you know how well dressed or poorly/wrongly dressed you are. So if you feel bad about how people treated you today especially without the benefit of doubt, modify your dressing for tomorrow and try again.

For instance, everyone knows that during the summer months a lot of women tend to wear less clothing. Of course there is nothing wrong with this when you are planning go to the beach or just relax around the house. There is however several places that you will not want to wear these types of outfits.
Even if you were to wear a very short skirt or dress to the office and then a revealing shirt, it may cause your co workers to think that you are trying to get something by dressing provocatively. It can also lead people to jump to conclusions about your personality. They may feel that you are trying to show off or be flirtatious in one way or another. If you dress in a very sloppy way then people can think that you are a dirty or unkempt person. It may be easier for teenagers to get away with dressing in a way that is sloppy or showing too much, but when it comes to adults than it is definitely a whole new world of opinions. As an adult it is very important that you take the time to really think about how you are dressed before you leave the house. If you have children then you are also setting an example on how they should dress, both as young adults and adults.

Of course there are people who just feel that it does not matter how they dress or how they look to others. They feel that they can do whatever is comfortable for them or what they may like. If however you are employed or a parent, then it is obvious that the way you dress can affect the opportunities that you are given in life. For parents it can not only affect the way that people view you, but it can affect the way that people tend to view your children.
The irony though, is that, people might have an opinion of your dressing as an adult but no one would really take out the time to teach or correct you on how to dress. It is believed that you looked at the mirror – you should know.

So, I am not going to give you a step by step guide like you no nothing about your right from wrong, I am rather going to challenge you to find out what is good for your skin color, body type and shape, what you can wear to different occasions and perhaps, ask from fashion experts or research even online but in all, make an effort to improve and maintain a good dress sense. It is what keeps our value as women in place.

Again, I say, if you feel bad about how people treated you today especially without the benefit of doubt, modify your dressing for tomorrow and try again.
 Dress the way you want to be addressed.

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