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Everything You Believe About Being Healthy Is Wrong

I'm sure many people don't like to hear that everything they believe when it comes to being healthy is wrong. People want to believe that the current beliefs they currently have are correct. We don't like to be wrong about things because it makes us feel insecure. If I tell people that they eat poor frequencies, ratios and timing's of meals. They probably wouldn't want to hear this. I personally would be happy if someone told me what I was doing was wrong and here are some things I can do that are better with my health. I think that it's always good to be told that what you're doing is wrong because then that means you have more things you can improve on. 
People ask me when does it end when it comes to you trying to improve your health. The answer is never improving your health is a lifelong ambition. Even when you are able to be free of the symptoms that originally drove you into improving your health. There is always things to improve such as mood and energy. I think that's awesome that you can always improve your health. That means that you're always challenged. Getting back to the original topic though a lot of the information we currently have when it comes to being healthy is wrong

People think things like polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oil and flaxseed oil is good for you. This is far from the case. It's the polyunsaturated fatty acids in our food supply which is giving us all the health problems we are currently seeing. The confusion with polyunsaturated fatty acids started way back in the 1930s. Farmers discovered that if they fed their animals flaxseed and soy they were able to make their animals fat with very little food. These animals developed many health problems but because the animals were killed before these health problems were transparent. The farmers didn't care. Around the 1950's petroleum was developed. This meant that plastic's didn't need to be developed with flax or soy. This was a huge problem for the flax and soybean industry. In order to counter this lack of sales they decided to promote their foods to the human population. They did this by saying that polyunsaturated fatty acid rich foods lowers cholesterol and high levels of cholesterol is usually associated with heart disease. This means that by eating polyunsaturated fatty acids and lowering your cholesterol you lower your risk of heart disease. This doesn't take into account at all how the body works. The higher your metabolic rate is the more cholesterol you actually use. 70% of cholesterol is actually endogenous. This means that it's produced within the body. Things like heavy metal toxicity actually lower cholesterol levels. This means that if polyunsaturated fatty acids lower cholesterol but that doesn't mean at all that this is healthy. The body isn't stupid. It doesn't produce cholesterol to kill us. Cholesterol is necessary for us to produce all our steroidal hormones. If cholesterol is too low we won't be able to produce adequate amounts of testosterone, DHEA, progesterone. We need high enough levels of cholesterol so we can produce these bio identical hormones. If our cholesterol is too low then we are going to have hormonal chaos.

I know many people who encourage other people to exercise. Exercise produce lactic acid. Lactic acid is extremely bad for the body this means that exercise is catabolic. Exercise can be tweaked to make it more anabolic then catabolic but fundamentally it is catabolic. We have all these people pushing people to do cardiovascular activity and resistance training. This can be beneficial but a lot of times if people don't have the nutritional support by a good nutritional foundation they'll end up with lots of health problems. I know bodybuilders who lose their hair in their thirty's. It's time to get out of the idea that people that are healthy are muscular. It's a superficial way to judge health and these very people could struggle with lots of health issues. I know many bodybuilders that have constipation and depression. It's great that you look nice but how do you feel? I'd rather feel awesome and not be muscular then be muscular and feel like crap.

It's really a shame that people don't realize that how they feel in terms of their mood greatly depends on how well they take care of themselves. They think their mood is governed by what's going on in their life. If they don't feel happy then they think they need to do more fun things but really if they took better care of themselves. They would feel good independently. Happiness is an inside job not a outside job. 

This means that taking care of yourself is the real key to being happy. Foods you need eating are grass fed meats, <a href="http://www.naturalfoods.sugarandhoney.ca"">raw honey</a> , organic fruits and root vegetables. These are foods which are good for you and will help you get to a better level of health. You can't just exercise and then eat crap foods. You need to build the right nutritional foundation. Being healthy is about being happy. The reason why you do all these dietary changes and exercises is because it's going to make you happy. I'd recommend to people to stop basing their happiness so much on external factors like relationships, entertainment and start basing their happiness more on their own health. It's not just the success you have with improving your health that makes you happy but how you actually feel when you reach a adequate level of health. I want people to know what it's like to feel good.

In conclusion, there's a ton the misinformation when it comes to how to be healthy. It seems a lot of times we need to do the exact opposite of what were being told. This is probably the case to a degree. A lot of people get angry when I give advice like it's good to eat raw honey or removing polyunsaturated fatty acids from your diet will help you. They don't understand though that there's no right or wrong but what works for you. If something works for you then you should be doing it. Everybody is different and everyone has different needs. What works for one person will not work for another. I think that until people realize that, they will never get to a good level of health.

Originally Posted by Nancy Farber, Jan 2013.

Writer's Bio: Nancy is a expert in alternative health. She greatly enjoys helping people improve their health and spends many hours emailing people trying to help them. She loves to health people improve their health.

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