Fiction contest 1 - Thriller

What is a Thriller?

A story that is usually a mix of fear and excitement. It has traits from the suspense genre and often from the action, adventure or mystery genres, but the level of terror makes it borderline horror fiction at times as well. It generally has a dark or serious theme, which also makes it similar to drama.

Give us a thriller in 200 words or less.

We would take first 10 trials submitted through comments. Let's create some thrill!

Any thriller of your choosing involving a wet towel.

When the submission is over, there would be a poll. Check deadline below.

Reward to Winner:
Winner is posted on the FI WINNERS Fame Page and given one free recommendation (link to your site, profile, picture etc) of your choice on 3 social networks!

Submission Deadline:
After first 10 comments.
Then there would be a poll by members and none members to vote The Most Scary Thriller Writer for this Contest based on what is submitted. 
This can go a long way in building your online profile as you can reference your employers and related to the award page for your name.

Write your comment as the required comedy. It will not be edited for you, hence watch your spellings and grammar. Remember, you have to be a member to be able to comment.
Do so and then comment away!

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