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What honorable things can anyone achieve on earth without God? None and that is why we also have this post to deal with real time moral and spiritual issues posed as quests considering that we have all been endowed with the ability to help ourselves with what is right or wrong

You can also suggest questions by contacting us and if you need help no matter how trivial or serious, let us know here.

However, whatever solution you offer must be preceded with FACT or FICTION as the first sentence to mean 'True' or "False' before you give your reasons, 

for example;
              Quest: It is okay to steal from my parents. 

             Your Response: 
FICTION: Exodus 20:15 says 'thou shall not steal'. It didn't specify from whom which means there are no exceptions. So, it is not okay to steal from anybody including your parents.

It is good practice here if you have a scripture or story from the bible to support your claim of Fact or Fiction but it is not compulsory as long as you can explain your reasons.

Now, are you ready to make a REAL difference? This is one way to do just that!

Quest: My family for no explainable reason all turn to incest within the house. I refused to join them and I am left alone. I act like I don't know what they are all doing (my parents, a brother and two sisters) as I am too embarrassed to even acknowledge it. So, I am just wondering, am I wrong to keep quiet about it? I absolutely don't think there is anything I can do to save them.

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When we have about 10 responses at least, we would throw a poll with the date announced well beforehand for every other person just reading including non members to vote the most widely accepted solution for the quest, so that anyone in such dilemna can know their options and what should work best for them. It is okay to tweet or share the final answers with people you know too. We are all helping to make the world a better place for us.

What?!....The answer just popped at you?  
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Fiction contest 1 - Thriller

What is a Thriller?

A story that is usually a mix of fear and excitement. It has traits from the suspense genre and often from the action, adventure or mystery genres, but the level of terror makes it borderline horror fiction at times as well. It generally has a dark or serious theme, which also makes it similar to drama.

Give us a thriller in 200 words or less.

We would take first 10 trials submitted through comments. Let's create some thrill!

Any thriller of your choosing involving a wet towel.

When the submission is over, there would be a poll. Check deadline below.

Reward to Winner:
Winner is posted on the FI WINNERS Fame Page and given one free recommendation (link to your site, profile, picture etc) of your choice on 3 social networks!

Submission Deadline:
After first 10 comments.
Then there would be a poll by members and none members to vote The Most Scary Thriller Writer for this Contest based on what is submitted. 
This can go a long way in building your online profile as you can reference your employers and related to the award page for your name.

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