The Door is the Future, the Padlock is the Past, the Key is Christmas!

I sometimes wonder why Christmas is at the end of the year. No matter your religious beliefs, the season does has a special euphoria around it that bubbles up excitement from within us.

You might indulge yourself for the whole season or choose just a day or few more to pamper yourself, the point is that you will enjoy the benefits of the season with family, friends, colleagues and sometimes new faces.

Ironically though, when it feels like you well deserve some pat on the back for scaling through the year alive, another one strolls in - all serious and ready to hit you on the face if you are not prepared for it.

So, what is the wise thing to do? How do we keep the optimism going and gradually enjoy the best of every end of the year and the beginning of another? Heck! Who knows?

I want to take this time to personally encourage you especially if 2013 hasn't been quite what you wanted. - Respond with a positive attitude.
I learnt a big lesson from an incident with a friend recently;
We were at this restaurant and had a very bad service from the waitress that attended to us, my friend tried to excuse her behavior despite his own disgust until the lady could not get us the balance of our paid bill and practically ignored us, attending to other customers. After waiting a while, he walked up to her with much fuming while I stepped out of the place because I was too angry to be of any help at that moment.
Barely moments later, he came out with the balance and a truly perplexed look on his face, so I asked, "how did you get the change so fast?", he replied, "Someone else gave the change, I have never had this experience in my life". What happened there? He raised his voice at the lady and intentionally insulted her so as to get a response that he can capitalize on but instead, the lady looked at him in the face of unimaginable insults and just smiled so sweetly like it wasn't happening and she continued her business, this obviously made my friend look like a trouble maker and someone from a nearby table asked what the matter was and volunteered to help with the balance. Till date, my friend still can't understand how the girl managed that moment despite what he said.

The lesson in this story is that it didn't matter that the waitress had truly given a bad service to us, it didn't matter all the rage in my friend or mine outside - but because of the unlikely response she gave to an anticipated situation, everything else fell in favor for her and she wasn't the bad one after all.

Learn to shock the bad deals that life serves you by being amazingly optimistic. Maybe you deserved those dealings or not but the table turns around when you take that anger, resentment, pity, despair and all the negative bandwagon out of the equation and that is why the key is in this Christmas season.

See, the love, sharing, communions and all sorts of socializations encourages a lot of positive reinforcement.

Use it right because the Door is the future, the Padlock is the Past, the Key is Christmas!
Here is a video coming from everyone (lol... yeah, you will be shocked) in my country - Nigeria to start you off with calmness in your heart & a smile on your face!

Enjoy the transition to 2014!


HELP! Facebook is threatening my Marriage.

Someone read my blog and sent this problem to me for your possible reviews and comments. I do hope that you will take the time to read and suggest a solution:

Hi, please my problem is simply to identify but difficult to live with. I decided to look out for as many reasonable platforms I can find, to share this issue on and to hopefully read back people opinion on it because I have to take a decision within days concerning it even if I didn't want to.

I am newly married to a man I have been absolutely confident about until I realized that he doesn't just visit Facebook to chat with friends or so as I thought while we courted, he actually is addicted to it.

He does nothing else in the house than to use the computer to chat on Facebook and when I began to notice his negligence, I will complain and would try to see exactly what he was doing which he never let me see. At some point, he switched over to his mobile phone and that became worse, he could be anywhere (garage, loo, rooms) and kept fiddling with the phone, his business now centers around eating, exchanging a few words, sleeping and off to work, he even type away while eating or watching TV and I am only a few months married.
I decided to monitor him unsuspectingly till I had to opportunity
to pick up his phone days back (I knew he likes to default things than to keep typing passwords etc.) and it worked for me, I accessed his Facebook without need for password and what I saw shook the strength out of me.
For one, most of his friends are girls and most he called 'sweetheart, love, darling' plus different shades of 'love you, miss you, can't wait to have you back online' etc. I read one where he offered to visit her in a neighboring state (but the lady refused the offer because of her parents). I even read a few months back conversation where he explained to another that complained about his offline status was for too long, he said that he went on a busy business trip when what he did actually was our wedding ceremony.

He met me there while browsing through his phone and he calmly asked me what I was doing to which I flared up, demanding explanations for this bizarre act.
He simply told me that I am worrying for nothing that they are simply Facebook friends that he can never date or have anything serious with, that he is just trying to make the girls feel good and know that they can be loved and so on. He told me to check his profile status and see that he changed it from single to married when we actually got married and I should simply let this go.

He removed his default status on his phone, so now, you have to type the password every time you want to sign it, I demanded for it and he refused to give me.
To this effect, I feel strongly that this is a major problem blowing up on my face, it is embarrassing to say to people around me and Facebook is not a person I can know how to manage, how do I make him stop as he just doesn't see my point and is becoming very distant from me or am I just worrying unnecessarily?

Please, someone say something to advice me as I am already having a bad time at the beginning of my marriage and I am so afraid. Thanking you ahead.

Klara (not real name).

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New DISCOVERY: The Sweetness of Failure.

Have you ever thought about why it feels so right to throw anything at a wall when you are angry? 
In fact, the overbearing feeling that you had like to do any and everything plus get away with it is so strong that common sense suggests 98% of angry persons will do something they most definitely will regret when the anger wears off and the remaining 2% have probably spent greater part of their lives studying and struggling to keep their emotions under check.

 The truth is that it is a lot more honorable and profitable if we all can re-channel our emotions positively. Every negative feeling brings with it a lot of heartaches and dilemmas that we would rather not add to our daily lives yet what can we do about it? The new discovery is that there is really no sweetness in failure.

Surely, I am not an authority in the matters of managing negative emotions but I am certainly in the camp of those wanting to be able to deal with these embarrassingly tendencies that swallows up your personality eventually and leaves you high, dry and empty.

Take defeat or failure for instance, do you know that the sense of failure is as potent as the failure itself? It cripples you and makes you lower than where you are if left untreated and the main problem with failure is not the crippling, what is more humiliating is the sentiment that discourages you from trying again.

I am in one myself and as I write this, you must know that I was battling with a huge slap of failure that could do nothing to me but further destroy me, so who is going to help me out of it?

Well, everyone seems to have something to deal with, however, I figure there has to be a way to deal with a problem that is so common yet so difficult to manage and for some, even more frustrating to share.

Do you know what it is? What my failure is? The one that almost choked me out? I am sure you wouldn’t mind knowing if you had read this far. The failure which hit me hard on my face, giving me goose pimples, loosing my zeal and for so many days making me fear to even start again, almost ended my dream but today I have chosen to rise above it. I refuse to be pushed to the back and get lost in the crowd - that is why you have this to read today.

For some negative feeling of slothfulness, I stopped building the community on this blog, I had great dreams for it but somehow, I got discouraged because I was not growing as fast as I hoped. For months, that singular feeling lead me into abandoning my pet blog (Fiction Inventors) till I realized that I don’t know how to get back and not seem a loser already to you.

The failure to have grown this blog to that remarkable inventors’ site almost killed the rest of my self-confidence to even try again but here I am calling out to you, not just to be a part of this blog but importantly to be a support, a help to someone who might not have enough zeal like me to try again.

To help ourselves, why don’t we use this medium to deal with this together because we both know that there is no sweetness in failure.

Share your ideas on managing any of these negative emotions: anger, failure, depression, fear, sadness, envy, resentful, rejection, abuse, slothfulness etc. You can notify us of more negative emotions that comes to your mind and we will all look into them, also contribute how to solve any of these emotions and you can share your experiences.

Remember, that as you write, others will read worldwide and get something tangible to assist their situations from it and that way we both would have invented something incredible from the bad situation of my blog - almost going dead. How about that?

Did I just imagine you say ‘welcome back’?... ‘oh, Thank you!’ roll in your views now and let’s invent some solutions!


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Fiction Contest 1

  Alright, here is where the fun stuff begins and only you can make it really fun by being a part of the blog.

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Like promised, we would be competing with this list of genre fictions we rather call fiction contests on this blog and more will be added as we develop capacity to handle them. At the end of each poll, two most selected quests will be used for the competitions that follows. From the first poll, we got two top genres selected and they are: (1) Thriller and (2) Comedy.

Read the complete info about how we did this here.

 This first one is for the fun of it, though no cash prices attached, there are free and impressively packaged ONLINE IMAGE BUILDING (OIB) as rewards. Online, there is nothing more rewarding than an opportunity for a widened reach even if you already have a followership. Feel free to flex your muscles without pressure.

Go here for Thriller Contest or here for Comedy Contest or simply click them from the Fiction Store!

Rewards for these contests: 

1. - Display on FI Winners Fame Page

2. - Your preferred Publicity on 3 social networks!


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Thank You!

Fact or Fiction - Movies

Launching an ever refreshing aspect of the creative world of fiction and that is talking movies!
Now, this would be interesting because we are not just going to be blabbing away about movies, we are going to share thoughts on recommended movies worldwide and help readers make informed choices on what to spend their precious time watching and - that, we would be doing together, won't we?

To kick off is introducing the latest ready to roll movie about to be launched in Nigeria and I am particularly excited about it because I know the key personality behind it (no kidding, who doesn't like to know main guys!).
And the Movie is RED HOT!

Red Hot is the story of Kofo (Bukky Wright), a beautiful Nigerian lady married to an extremely affluent husband Kola (Akin Lewis). She seems to have all good things of life at her disposal but the absence of a child in the over ten-year marriage seems to have left an emptiness in her, leaving her frustrated. To worsen her situation, medical research puts the blame on her husband, who has suffered some fertility challenge, absolving her of any complicity. This discovery soon gets her thinking. Out of frustration and desperation, she hatches a plan in consonance with her friend, Princess (Glory Olyfranks), which brings Freddie (Uti Nwachukwu) into the picture. A fantasy world is unleashed, and a heavenly pleasure never seen before, takes centre stage. Just at the peak of this new found solution, some crisis erupts, leading from one disaster to another. She is caught in a web, and there seems to be no escape route. IT IS MIND-BLOWING!

Red Carpet & Premiere comes up
Date: April 20th 2013
Venue: Cultural Center Main Bowl
Time: 1st Show 3pm, 2nd Show 6pm
Ticket: N2,000 Regular, N5,000 VIP
For further enquiry, call 07030418066, 08066791440 

=> You can watch the trailer @  
=> Check out the Red Hot Movie Page and see more previews and comments. 
Enjoy at the RED HOT MOVIE page.

Am I Dead Or Alive?

This is a true question I have found myself asking 'me' and the first impulse is to say 'alive' but who would I be kidding if I say 'alive' when the breathes are gasping out of me.
So I sat back, looked at my blog real hard, observing the number of my viewers against my actual members - against those practically active on the site and then I put into consideration the result of my last mini poll and it dawned on me that my dream had been asking me a question 'Am I Dead or Alive? I just haven't been listening. 

If I hang on, my dreams will die. By this I mean that If I keep waiting till you all turn this blog into some hot sizzling market, I will either have died out of the passion in the first place or simply lost it.
So, here is what I am going to do.

I know that I have readers on this blog (considering my on and off-site monitoring tools), I do not know why they are (you inclusive) doing nothing about whatever is read even though there is a chance that they have repeatedly being coming back. I choose not to think that it is because of gender, race or that I am new and unknown. I rather choose to think that I just haven't figured it out.
And while I am at that, I want to indulge that you let me kick off some of the things I originally wanted to share with you and had been excited about it inspiring someone out there to be better when it comes to creative thinking and writing. I am hoping to learn from it too.

           Therefore, I am officially launching back 
                   the Fiction Contest!

We wouldn't do a new poll to honor those who took the time to vote then, we would use the two top genres chosen i.e Thriller and Comedy for the contest.

Please click here to go straight to the Current Fiction Contest and see if you could make this dying dream breathe again by actually participating. 

I am hanging on that hope or I die.
Dream Fiction Inventors.. passionately after your interest.

Fact or Fiction - Life Issues: Ugandan Boy Raised By Monkeys (with photos)!

Don't forget to take my poll just by your right as you are reading this ( it is just to click a button, nothing more). It will guide me in knowing what next you had like from me since I know you are visiting now and may like to visit again for more valuable content. Thanks.
 Okay, so I know I am diverting traffic to this site but it is good to share things that interest us with others sometimes for nothing in return.
I stumbled on this article which reminds me of the gospel that I am trying to preach on this blog: Facts exists from an initial fictitious status, hence, inventing fiction is calling what is not, to be - it might not just be in our life times.
We all have read or seen the movie of the Jungle book (if you haven't... (pausing and thinking about it)... well, ask someone!).

 At the end of that story, we would have thought, 'What a charming story and well acted out' but what I am sharing today is something that happened in Uganda, just 2 decades ago and the true life version of the fiction book is this jungle boy who is now a man but still with the monkey instincts. 

Check it out. 

You can do 'me' a simply favor for exposing you to this amazing story - and that favor is leaving a comment here after viewing the story at least to spur others to also go for the details and to encourage me fish outs more facts and fictions that rocks our today's world without you having to scout for it. 
Thank you for the efforts!
Photos - Ugandan Boy Raised By Monkeys Tries To Adapt - Mercy Johnson Celebrity Magazine - Mercy Johnson Celebrity Magazine

Fact of Fiction - Your Health : Multivitamin Supplements...

Multivitamin supplements perk up your health

Vitamins play a vital role in the body as they perform different actions to maintain vibrant health. It is quite difficult to supply the body with the required amount of nutrients by just eating the routine food. If you add multivitamin supplements into your diet regimen it becomes easier for you to suffice the body with adequate amount of vitamins for proper functioning of the body.
These supplements are not good only to provide the vitamins, but also you can get good amount of minerals. When you add good quality multivitamin supplements you can get several health benefits such as.

Combat Nutritional Deficiency

Nutritional deficiency is the common problem we are facing these days. Reasons are diverse as poor quality of food, bad eating habits, popularity of junk food etc. Multivitamins supplements combat nutritional deficiency and reduce the risk of being attacked by diseases.

Combat Stress

Stress is the major factor to affect your health, so it’s necessary to combat it for maintains better health. Using these supplements help you combat stress that is useful to be in good health.

Improved Physical Health

The use of these supplements is good to improve physical health. These supplements improve the overall well-being of a person. Energy levels remain higher and a person feels energetic with the help of these supplements.

Improved Mental Focus

You can perform in a well manner when your body and mind both are in good condition. Getting the supplements of multivitamins helps you improving your mental focus. Improved mental focus plays a vital role in living an efficient life.
These are not the only benefits you can get from these supplements. If you choose the right kind of supplement and use it properly several other benefits can be obtained. These days most of the people prefer making delicious drinks with multivitamin supplements in their favourite flavour.

Author Bio:
Aini Clive was born a problem solver and as such loves nothing more than finding the best way to do almost anything , but best of all she understands what health and fitness really means. She is passionate about working in the world of health and fitness, either  advising on health and fitness issues or work to offer the clients' the best products to maintain health and fitness. She is content and social media enthusiast who is currently a key content developer for